​Betsy Thomson

The Extraordinary Life of Horace Henry Walp is 80 pages long and full color. If you are interested in an autographed copy please indicate what you would like written in the book when you purchase it.

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The Extraordinary Life Of Horace Henry Walp, is the first of series. The books follow the life and adventures of  eight year old Horace Walp and his chuckaboo (best friend), Uli, the crow.

The first book, The Extraordinary Life Of HoraceHenry Walp,  Horace an only child is faced with the challenges loss, grief and loneliness after the sudden death of his parents on his eighth birthday. Horace's grief and lonliness begin to subside after he rescues an injured crow. Horace nurses Uli the crow back to health. They become inseparable caring friends. 

Together they share adventures as they learn about life and its many lessons.

The charming and sweet characters along with the illustrations give the book a vintage feel. Uncategorizable, The Extraordinary Life of Horace Henry Walp is loved by both adults and children making it a true Kidult book.

A modern-day "The Little Prince"
This book touched me (a 59-year-old man) in ways I can't explain. There is a deep and hard-worn wisdom and compassion to it, and the back story of how the author happened across the grave of this little 8-year-old boy... and in a way channeled the life story he would have loved to have had... adds an unexpected emotional resonance to it.

The drawings are equally compelling, they add to the power of the story in wondrous ways. The close bond between the little boy, Horace, and the wounded magical animal, Uli, is deeply affecting.

This is one of those "children's books", like "The Little Prince" that can speak to anyone. I highly, highly recommend it

Marc Farre    Singer songwriter - recording artist.

Beautiful and inspiring.This deeply deeply touching book is beautifully illustrated with a lovely engaging text. It communicates the preciousness of every life without getting false or gushy about it. Any child who reads this book will be affected by it - and parents, too.

Rick Hanson    NY Times best selling author of The Buddha's Brain, Just One Thing and Hardwiring Happiness.