​Betsy Thomson


by Betsy thomson  c. 2010 (lyric)

an angel came down and ate with me, and slept with me and showed me the moon. i awoke and the angel was gone. it was just a dream. everything is back to normal. let them fall these thin white dukes of godless majesty. let them fall. free fall into tender arms, waiting arms, wanting arms. think they know where to fall?

there they are in the corn belt, on subways, in persia and working soundboards that splash sound into the cosmos. 

do they see our sadness, our despair, our fear, our innocence. can they see me. am i made invisible because of damaging thoughts? can they feel my thoughts? do endless thoughts illuminate me in some celestial way? i am sure.  

These wings of desire are constant and desirable. oh, they know where to fall. they parachute down with purpose, and with direction. they need held, they need loved too. they want. are we all so asleep in our casual comas? am i?  don’t i see them. don’t we see these messengers of love? don’t they see me.

godless majesty, i think not. not less, but god.  

why do they go? oh yeah, nothing is permanent, everything is fleeting. they are afraid. fear is not permanent. maybe they feel unworthy?   

an angel came down and held me, and dreamed with me and showed me the moon. a mindful moon suspended over a rusty river. a majestic moon suspended in slow motion. a moon born with purpose. i will not forget. but, why do they go? or do they?

i awoke and the angel was gone. it was all a dream. everything is back to normal. i will dive back into the heart of normal. am i  worthy of love? oh yeah, ‘cause love is enormous. 

FAREWELL SUMMER by Betsy Thomson 2013

i spied as your moons rode the leaves of the mighty oaks and shy pines standing sturdy by the edge of the road. The lazy long limpid days that have pressed hot against my neck sneak away as your curious mornings now remain sleeping. 

remember me. for you hold my childhood and nightly dreams more dear than any other time i can remember. remember me as you move across fields with back turned. remember me when you come no more.


(June 15, 2015)
Music and Lyrics by Betsy Thomson c.2015

Lunatics speak their minds with nothing much to say. Confusing thoughts they’re not sincere while grinning ear to ear. Nooooo..

Night falls swift as shadows crawl - nervous birds scatter far away. Come closer now, please drift to sleep, sink gently past the gates.
Cut your name into my dreams that linger with the stars. Cut so deep your in my heart so you’re never far away.

Babes beating hearts whisper lullaby. 

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