​Betsy Thomson

While living in NYC’s East Village, Betsy first discovered meditation. She began sitting 10 day silent retreats at the Shelburne Falls, MA.   Vipassana Meditation Center. She also studied meditation and yoga at the Integral Yoga Center, NYC. Meditation and yoga have remained a very important part of her life.

Betsy taught for InCollaboration a/k/a Readers Theatre Workshop in NYC. As a teaching artist Betsy created lesson plans, based upon the New York State Learning Standards. These lessons offered instruction in theatre arts designed to improve students' reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. As she engaged students in writing, performing and dramatizing in schools throughout New York City, during classes she introduced mindful breath meditation and games to the children. 

She has taught mindfulness workshops at the Pea's & Q's Family Programming at the Bethelem, Pa. Steel Stacks and at Suprise Lake Camp's Zen Day, in Cold Spring, NY.  

"Once people realize the power of meditation to evoke happiness and peace, they will want to know how to bring it to their children. Here is a way to open the door! This charming, delightful, and wise book belongs in the hands of children everywhere."  

---Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

My nine year-old son devoured this book. He thought it was a "really awesome" book that helped him learn how to meditate. He says: "I think a quadrillion kids should read this book!".

Dominika L.

WHY  SHOULD KIDS LEARN TO MEDITATE?  Because Mitch and I believe KIDS MATTER! Children, like everyone else on this planet, experience a range of challenging emotions, thoughts, and feelings. They are bombarded with outside stimuli like TV, video games, advertising, and social media. Many children are pressured to constantly achieve and are overly extended with activities. Because of this, children experience stress and anxiety. Most children find it hard to understand, process, and cope with the lumps and bumps in the road because they are not taught how. Our book MEDITATION, MY FRIEND  teaches children how to make sense of things from a mindfulness perspective. Our book teaches children how to meditate so that they can learn how to become happier, calmer, resilient, and have better concentration.

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