I felt a internal nudge and need to start drawing him for some reason. I really did not know how the drawings would come out. But, quite quickly and easily his personality and character began to develop.  Without thinking about it or staining over it, immediately flying into the drawings was his friend and companion, Uli the crow. The two fit together perfectly.

Without sounding too wierd, I feel like I am Horace's guardian in away. I am giving him a voice again. I let him show me the images to draw. When I try to form ideas on my own they just do not come. It seems blocked. When I ask Horace to show me what to draw, images come so quickly I cannot draw them all. It just flows. I just let Horace lead the way.


​​​​​​​​​​My dear dog Lexi and I love talking long walks. You can see Lexi's photo below. One place we have walked often is though and around an old cemetery on the outside of the town where I live. Once, while we were walking we came across the gravestone of a little boy named Horace H. Walp. I was saddened to read he did not have a very long life. He died eight days after his eighth birthday from dypyheria I found out. It was said for chilren of the time, that they were visited by "the suffication angel" when they died from dypyheria. Days after discovering his grave I could not get him off of my mind. Horace kept popping in and out of my mind. This occured when I would wake, during the day and when I would go to bed at night. I had and have no doubt he was trying, in his own way, to connect with me. 

​​After researching I was able to find the house where Horace lived.  Through the generosity of the local historical society I got a copy of his class photo. It was taken the year before he died. I am not sure which boy he is in the photo. I like not knowing. What matters is that he is there. The school he attended still stands in town, though, it is now an apartment building. Even more interesting I was able to locate a photo of the towns band. His father and uncle appear in the photo as members of the Quakertown, Pa. band. 



​​Little Horace had a brief life. Though brief I like to think it was a happy, michevious and curious one. He as a fan club now because of my drawings and book. He is loved by me and many others. Uli too. XO

Horace's home, Richland Center.

Horace's class photo. I am not sure which little boy he is in the picture.

Sweet Miss Lexi

The story and inspiration behind my drawings of Horace and Uli.

Horace's father is in the second row from the front, second in. He is looking away from the camera. His uncle is in the top row far right.

​Betsy Thomson