​Betsy Thomson

part one

There are many things that remain unexplained in this universe. Sometimes it’s just easier to experience and accept them rather than trying to figure them all out. For example; why are there whistles only dogs can hear? Where do thoughts go when were done thinking them? And the big question, does God really exist?

As you know appliances “bestaan” on this planet to make some of the work we humans do easier. I have used the Dutch word “bestaan”, meaning exist to explain the purpose of appliances. In so doing this I have given you one more word. This will help increase your knowledge of vocabulary and understanding of other languages. You know this is good. Vacuums suck up the dirt on our filthy floors. Dishwashers clean lasagna off our dinner plates and sticky chocolate milk out of our drinking glasses. Washing machines clean our dirty under pants and smelly socks, while dryers aerate them removing all the moisture so they are wearable again. We don’t  question how our appliances work do we? No. We just have faith and take it for granted that they will do their designated jobs to perfection. In the same way we don’t try to figure out the hows and whys of electricity each time we turn a light switch on. We trust that the light bulb will be lit when we flip on the switch. We assure ourselves that these marvelous inventions making our lives more comfortable will get the job done. So we are comfortable and happy. And that seems to be what all of us humans want. Comfort and happiness. Perhaps, and I only say ‘perhaps’ some of our appliances have more important jobs to do. Maybe some are here to do more than just our chores. In some odd unusual way our appliances may have minds all of their own. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if I was right? How interesting it would be if they were here teach us about the more mysterious and important parts of ourselves and the universe?

The party wasn’t nearly over soon enough as far as Dimitri was concerned. On the dining room table there was one wing left of the blue airplane shaped birthday cake. Along the cakes last wing where impressions where tiny fingers scooped off icing making ruts, like roads traveling long and distant. There were three kinds of ice-cream now melted, chocolate, strawberry and rocky road looking more like a milky substance in their containers. Half inflated balloons tried to float, unopened presents, jackets and coats were littering the floor. Loud but tired children some with runny noses were running everywhere around the downstairs of his house playing hide-and-seek.  Of the ten that showed to celebrate Dimitri's birthday he only seemed to relate to and like a few. Secretly as he wished when he blew out all the candles on his cake they would all go back to their hobbit holes. Taking a deep breath in then blowing out with a big “whoosh” Dimitri blew the 10 candles out on his cake.

The adults stood silent as they looked on with puzzled faces. It wasn't a silence of amazement. No one was amazed he could blow out candles. They were taken back  because he could blow out all the candles. And at once. Dimitri who had just turned ten did not look a day older than eight. Maybe seven. He was a tiny eight year old with tiny lungs. He was a child who looked as though he could only blow hard enough to keep a small feather a float in the air....to be continued.

Dimitri And The Dryer