​Betsy Thomson

Betsy Thomson              IATSE-SCBWI Member

"I suppose I needed away to express my views, perceptions and understanding of the universe and this world we all live and play in. I seem to be happiest when doing this in some kind of creative fashion, be it my music, psychic tarot readings, making my children's books, poetry or making film. From the beginning there has always seemed to be an undertow to my work, a pointed direction that aids in waking people up, allowing them to think deeper, find the softness in their hearts and experice themselves on a much more organic level.

Though the years Thomson has used her creativity and "healing work", not to fix and mend people but to help open their minds and broden their horizons.  Music, poetry, storytelling, art, illustration, photography, design, puppetry and working as a psychic, teacher of yoga/meditation. 

Betsy would be first to say she owes depths of graditiue to her parents for pumping up her DNA with the creativity gene that she now harbors and expresses. Her parents, Alice and Jim, both had a deep appreciation and love of the arts. They also possessed a love of life and untouched senses of humor which she quite easily inherited. Creativity, having fun, laughter and love was encouraged. Raised mostly on farms in rural Bucks County, Pa. Betsy learned to have a respect for the natural world, animals and a more simplified life. Creativity was encouraged.

At the early age of three Betsy began playing the piano and later picked up playing the violin. Piano stuck. After rebelling at the age of 10 years old and quiting lessons Betsy began teaching herself piano. She practiced hours to learned Beethoven and other classical composers that she loved.

Many have said "Betsy is living embodiment of a Renaissance woman".  She continues to work and create as a singer-songwriter, creator of children's books, photographer, painter etc. Her work in the healing arts continues. She has worked for 25 years as an intuitive counselor. (for more information go to www.tarotreadingbybetsy.com ), stress therapist and certified yoga instructor/meditation instructor. She is also a Reiki therapist and teacher. Betsy also uses Reconnective healing and acupressure in her healing work.

It was while living in NYC’s East Village, Betsy first discovered meditation. She began sitting 10 day silent retreats at the Shelburne Falls, MA. Vipassana Meditation Center and Integral Yoga Center, NYC. Meditation and yoga have remained a very important part of her life. While touring and performing at the 'Mend the Sacred Hoop Concert’ at Pineridge Reservation, South Dakota, Betsy was introduced to Lakota culture and spiritual teachings. 

Up beat, gregarious and often funny with a off beat sense of humor, Thomson began introducing mindfulness to students as an independent teaching artist. She taught for InCollaboration a/k/a Readers Theatre Workshop in NYC. As a teaching artist Betsy created lesson plans, based upon the New York State Learning Standards. These lessons offered instruction in theatre arts designed to improve students' reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. As she engaged students in writing, performing and dramatizing in schools throughout New York City, Betsy introduced mindful breath meditation and games to the children as well. 

Thomson gets great joy out of sharing with others, especially children, what she knows about mindfulness and meditation. So much so she is the author of Meditation, My Friend. She has taught in yoga studios and has run mindfulness workshops. She has taught at the Pea's & Q's Family Programming at the Bethelem, Steel Stacks and at Suprise Lake Camp's Zen Day, in Cold Spring, NY.

Like many people, a monumental marker in Thomson’s life was 9/11. Immediately after the collapse of the Twin Towers, she began volunteering as a stress therapist assisting responders. Thomson’s primary focus was on FDNY members suffering from depression, PTSD, and bodily injuries due to 9/11 events. Working both in firehouses and at Ground Zero, Thomson provided touch therapy (acupressure, Reconnective Healing, Reiki) and energetic balancing. In 2002, Thomson was awarded “New Yorker of the Week” by NY1 News for the extensive work she did with members of the FDNY. She continues to work with Serving Those Who Serve, a nonprofit that provides support to responders of 9/11 and their families (www.stws.org). She is the director of outreach.

Graduating college with a degree in Theatre Arts from DeSales University, Betsy began her artistic career working as a professional actress, singer, costume designer, and director both in the States and abroad. Today she can see be found designing and working at the Metropolitan Opera, NYC as a wardrobe artist.